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Tips of Selecting Safety shoes

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The common sense of safety shoes and the feature of each part. The safeet safety shoes which emphasized on shock absorption and air permeability
The focus of designing: Due to the safeet safety shoes were straight motion of your feet, and while running, the weight which the landing foot must bear was three to four times of your weight, so there were two key points of main function when designing the safeet safety shoes. one was the need of the stability and elastic when the toes landed, the second was the shock absorption of heelpiece. What is worth mentioning, the function of grasping and absorbing shock could make the spine avoiding too much pressure and pain or deformation. In addition, because the time which the joggers spent on running was too long and the moving parts focused on the lower limbs, so joggers should also need to pay attention to the air permeability of the upper material when selecting running safety shoes.
The tennis safety shoes which emphasized on bilateral wear resistance
safety shoes
The focus of designing: Tennis need you to move fast to far and near, and the rate of forefoot movement was particularly high, so the design of tennis safety shoes emphasize on the fixed effects of the both sides of the feet and the wearing resistance of the ball of feet, and the heel had less special design. Because your feet must move quickly when played tennis, in order to achieve the high degree of supporting, the material of tennis safety shoes also selected the material which had high hardness. And it would be less to use the breathable mesh material.
The outdoor and multi-function safety shoes which were sturdy and wearable
The focus of designing: In order to adapt to the changeable venues, the outdoor safety shoes had a more sub design. For instance, the safety shoes which were special for water sports preferred to the function of drainage; sports sandals tended to thick; climbing boot inclined to protect the feet; and there were also the cross-country safety shoes which had a variety of function. Generally speaking, the color and design of the outdoor safety shoes were mostly earth tone, it was mainly to avoid worrying about the appearance of the safety shoes in the dust. Thick, water resistant and drainage were the focuses of designing. In addition, so when you wanted to buy safety shoes, you had better consider the absorption resistance and grip of the soles due to the large gap of the level of ground.
The soft and comfortable working safety shoes
The focus of designing: That's right, even just working or doing some shopping could be regarded as an aerobic exercise. Because when you were working, the impact the feet bore was not large, so the wear coefficient of the soles was not high. And in order not to feel discomfort after a long walk, the pads were usually soft and the collocation of dressing should also be considered. So it had more choices of shape and color than other sports safety shoes. But if it was a pair of professional working safety shoes, it would emphasized on the elasticity of the soles and increase the function of resisting ankles' torsion. Because when you walked fast, the heels were almost not touch the ground, so some specialized safety shoes would be designed to increase the impetus of the heels.

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