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TONTION is enjoys a long history of the world safety shoes, labor insurance shoes manufacturer in the global production and sales hundreds of work shoes varieties. Product marketable field include: petroleum, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, steel, metallurgy, electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing and so on various industrial production security domain.


TONTION introduce and use the international most advanced technology of German even help injection molding machine, and make full use of Germany's safety shoes production technology, quality management mode, the production of safety shoes non-slip performance the world first-class, portable performance, comfort, durability, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, resilience, ground cleaning index are second to none. Wear safety shoes to cross national super protection standards, prevent hit safety shoes reach national standard, anti-static work shoes also changed the traditional Chinese carbon conductive technology, stable antistatic performance. And is excellence development, the development of new products to meet customers in all walks of life to the different needs of safety shoes.


TONTION in China adhering to the high-end professional technical achievement, people-oriented, in the profession to promote safety protective equipment as the leading factor, combined with market demand, and constantly develop new products, support China's special trade, working with occupational safety protection products to provide the necessary help. Products to strengthen the protective performance as the principle, vogue is changed, humanized appearance design for the wizard, combining business industry live demand, personalized quality TONTION brand safety shoes, boots series products, recommend industry choose, to share our achievements. Attaches great importance to the safety training, according to different object, making rich and colorful training materials, provide free training and lecture service, and take an active part in public welfare undertakings, establish a good brand image, as the business is growing, TONTION increasing professional technology research and development personnel to meet the requirements of customers more.


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