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Finding The Right work boots

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You come home from the work boot store eager to try on your new work boots . They were a perfect fit while you walked like a model around the work boot store. Now, however, they don't seem to fit you at all. They feel tight and your feet throb. How many times has this happened to you? Don't kid yourself. It probably has happened more then once.

How could something like this happen? How is it that work boots can fit so well in the store, but once we take them home they magically turn into a size too small? There are a few things that can cause this work boot fiasco. There are precautions you can take when searching for work boots that will allow you to purchase work boots that fit both in the store and at home.

Running work boots and those used for walking or athletic purposes do not fit the same as the everyday work boots we wear into work and around town. It is common for these kinds of work boots to be half to and entire size larger than our normal work boots. If a work boot feels too snug in the store, do not be fooled by the attendant into thinking that they will "stretch". If it does not fit perfectly in the store, do not take it home.

Trying on work boots involves walking around the soft carpet in the work boot store? This is not an accurate representation of actual walking situations. Therefore, it is hard to make a good decision about the work boots  fit. You need to try the work boots on the surfaces you will walk on. For instance, let's say that you are going to run in the street then you should test the work boots in the street. If the work boot store won't let you try on the work boots in other areas or surfaces then go to another store that is more accomodating.

How can you really tell if the work boot fits? Toes should be close to the front of the work boot, but make sure that they don't cramp your feet. If the work boots are too big your heel will slide around. Find work boots where your heel stays in one place.

To help the salesperson help you find the best work boots, you may want to consider bringing in an old pair of work boots . But be sure that they are a pair that you were dissatisfied with. This way, the salesperson can hopefully discern what went wrong last time and make adjustments that will net you a pair of work boots that will fit.

Did you know that your feet grow by the afternoon? The pressure of walking, standing, and just being awake cause your feet to expand up to a half size larger then your normal work boot size. It is a good idea to shop in the afternoon when your feet are swollen.

There are things more frustrating than laying down good money on a pair of work boots  only to learn later that they will be uncomfortable to wear. Just take the simple precautions listed above and you will never have to worry about throwing your money away on an uncomfortable pair of work boots again!

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