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Quality Assurance & Technical Innovation      

When it comes to quality, we are unyielding. Moreover our R & D personnel realize that innovation and excellence is the key to the future. The positive impact of ISO 9001 accreditation has assisted us in our ongoing quest to drive down costs and raise quality levels, ultimately translating into more competitive prices to the benefit of our customers.
From incoming raw materials to outgoing finished shoes we employ very strict quality controls to ensure that all components in our footwear meet the desired standards. We continually test components and raw materials in our well equipped laboratory. 
Globally, the competitive tempo is quickening. Consumers demand even more from their products and legislation requires products to be safe. To enhance performance expectations, Safeet Shoes has also become a member of an Independent, world-renowed Research and Technology Organization, SATRA. Having our products tested and approved by SATRA, ensures that our products have been assessed by an Independent third party and:  1. Are safe to use and fit for their purpose.    2. Products are manufactured to a consistent standard.     3. Meet specific customer performance specifications,  eg: legislation for ignition and flammability testing.

 Taber Abraser - To determine abrasion                                   Norma insulation tester                         

 resistance of different materials eg leather, linings.                 testing anti-static properties on safety shoes                                     



   Flex testing Safety Shoe soles.                                                 Sole Abrasion Tester    
   The soles are flexed 30,000 times to meet
   stringent international quality standards

      Outsole Puncture Resistant Tester                                           Electric Shock Resistant Tester          


Instron tensile testing of soles and materials

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